How does CAKEWALK determine whether I deserve to be publicly shamed?
If you walk less than 50% of your daily step goal, CAKEWALK will force you into a 24-hour challenge. If you fail that challenge, that's when CAKEWALK will start a little chat with you on Twitter.

How does CAKEWALK determine my daily goal?
Your daily goal is determined by your daily average step count over the past week.

Can CAKEWALK track my steps without having to carry my iPhone? 
Yep. All you need is a wearable that connects to Apple's Health app. We're looking into adding FitBit support in the near future.

Can my Twitter followers see my step counts?
Yes, they can. If you don't want your Twitter followers to see your step counts, just remove Cakewalk from your list of allowed apps in Twitter.

I think CAKEWALK is mean. What do I do?
Delete the app. 😉

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